Thank U


(Year 7 of 55)

The One-of-a-Kind Annual Gratitude Experience For Entrepreneurs To Look Back On Their Year, Celebrate Their Progress And Appreciate Their People 

Sunday, December 4th 2022
7:00 - 10:00 PM EST (All Virtual)


In 2015, this all began in a tiny apartment: This annual experience unofficially began in 2015 with an exchange between Blake and his beautiful wife, Emily. "Emily, let's invite people over to our tiny apartment for a thank you party."

15 People Came Over: Everyone crammed into Blake and Emily's little loft, in the top of the Toronto-based triplex. Each person looked back on their year, celebrated their progress and wrote thank you cards to the key people in their life. Oh...and they ate snacks.

In 2016, Blake decided to make it official. While sitting in a coworking space in Bali, dreaming up cool ideas for the future, Blake wondered:"Would anyone buy a ticket to this thing?" Up until then, it had just been friends gathering in the apartment. That was the voice in Blake's head when he posted the event page online. Then he went on Eventbrite, chose a ticket price and posted the first chose a date, opened an Eventbrite page, and Thank U Live was born.

As each year draws to a close, goal-oriented humans like you are designed to dream big, level up, and look ahead.

Thank U Live inspires you to look back.

Here's How the Event Works

You get the time to experience 3 of the most powerful practices you can do for your business and life, alongside other epic humans from around the world (while being immersed in beautiful LIVE music along the way).

Part 1:
Look Back On Your Year

You get to look back (the counterintuitive approach to create your future success). You will experience innovative ways to go back in time and walk yourself through your past year. You will be reminded of all the possibilities and people that played a significant role in your business and life over the past year. You will be sparking new business opportunities for the months ahead.  

Part 2:
Celebrate Your Progress

You get to celebrate (the step you might sometimes forget about). You will be given the space to acknowledge your successes and reframe your failures. The goals you achieved. The programs you launched. The people you hired. The hardships you handled. The storms you weathered. The money you earned. The lessons you learned. Celebrate.

Part 3:
Appreciate Your People

You get to deliver appreciation. You will be given the time to deliver real-time messages of gratitude. Cards. Calls. Audios. Videos. Whichever way you want to give thanks to the people in your world. This single practice will level up your relationships and create new business for the first few weeks of the new year. 



You will clearly identify the 10 most impactful career moments (small, medium and major) from the past year of your life. You will lay the foundations at this event to immediately create more of those high-impact moments and business opportunities for the year ahead.


You will be among fellow entrepreneurs, artists and creatives during this event. After an evening of humans looking back, celebrating and appreciating, it will be tough for you NOT to add some extra awesome people to your network. Friendships will be formed. Collaborations will be created.


The innovative appreciation methods you will learn from Blake Fly are proven methods he teaches his personal clients, as the way to create more connections, clients and cash for the year ahead. 

Thank U Live Tickets

General Admission

Zoom login details will be sent out 24 hours before the event

$95.00 USD

An image of Blake smiling

Meet Blake.

Blake is husband to Emily, Dad to Koah and 8-time TEDx Speaker. He believes that appreciation is rocket-fuel for building an exceptional business and life.

His unique approach has led him to work with a variety of companies including LinkedIn, London Life Insurance, Bell Media, LuluLemon, and Microsoft. He has been hired to delivered over 1000 keynote presentations around the world. 

 He writes a daily email for entrepreneurs and is in the middle of filming a Facebook LIVE video for entrepreneurs for 1000 days in a row (this event will fall on daily video 704).

Known for his inventive approach to community and business building, Blake’s projects have been featured on CTV and The National News.

Known for his electrifying presentation style, Blake combines shrewd insights and applicable “appreciation strategies” with compelling storytelling and music to help individuals and organizations feel engaged in their work, take action and grow their business.

Blake has a huge crush on his wife, Emily, and loses every staring contest with their 9-month old son, Koah.

“Instead of ending each year by looking ahead and focusing on what we hope to GET, consider the power of looking back and appreciating what we’ve already got.”
- Blake Fly

The Thank U Live Team

Blake Fly
The Creator

Peter Katz
The Producer

Peya Robbins

The Integrator


What is the refund/cancellation policy?

If you're seeking a refund on your ticket, please reach out to at least 48 hours before the event.

Will there be a recording if I can't attend live?

Nope, no recording. It's all live, all gratitude, all FUN.

If both my partner and I want to attend and we are in the same house, so we buy 1 ticket or 2?

For this virtual event, it is one ticket per household to attend (unless you're throwing a 50 person Thank U rager, in which case, reach out to and we'll hook you up with a sweet group deal

Can my kids attend?

This is an adult-oriented but family friendly event. Kids have attended in the past and they've had a great time, but that is up to your discretion.

Will I be on camera?

Yes, camera presence is encouraged for the duration of this event. Unless you're in the bathroom. Then no camera is fine.

What is the dress code?

Sunday night hanging out at home fashion extravaganza. Wear whatever you choose! You do you, boo boo.

Do I need to prepare anything?

Yes, bring a phone, something to write with, and something to write on (paper, tablet, etc).

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